Sponsor a monkey

More than 450 primates

A la Vallée des Singes, les animaux présentés sont considérés comme des ambassadeurs de leurs congénères dans la nature. En parrainant l’un d’entre eux, vous participez à la conservation des primates à travers le monde et devenez membre de l’association !

Sponsoring of a primate entitles you :

– a personal sponsorship certificate with a large picture of the chosen primate

– a species data sheet on species ecology and behaviour

– some news from the sponsored animal, twice a year

– a ticket for a free access to la Vallée des Singes, allowing you to visit the animal you sponso, or 2 free tickets, or a personnal all-year free access card, called « Privilège » card (depending on the chosen formula). The « Privilege card » allows you to visit the animal you sponsor as often as you want during the time of your sponsorship.

– With the formula « Protector », you will get the « Privilege card » and a special tour of La Vallée des Singes and even behind the scene !

Terms of sponsorship
  1. Sponsorship of a primate lasts 12 or 24 months, depending on the formula you choose.
  2. Don’t forget that the life of primates in captivity is like everywhere else  and sudden changes can happen : the primates can become sick, or, following the ex situ conservation programmes they are belonging to, they can be transferred  to another zoological institution.
  3. Sponsoring of a primate at la Vallée des Singes does not give you legal rights on the sponsored animal, neither on the manner we care for it.
  4. One animal can be sponsored by other peoples than you.